Vocational Training

Vocational Training

Vocational Training in India

The fact that the vocational training is a ‘Win-Win’ situation for both the organization and its employees, is really significant!

The vocational training are based on the objective of training the candidates, towards enhancing their skills for further development in their jobs/careers. They focuses on the practical skills, rather than concentrating on the mere theory part of the academics. The candidates who have gained the vocational training in a particular field would have an advantage over the other candidates, who are searching for a job, as they would have get trained practically in that specific cadre. Most of the high schools across the world are offering the vocational training in the school academics, so that the students would have get trained with specialized skills that would be appropriate for a skilled occupation. For example, a high school in New York offers around 29 vocational specialty courses in order to enhance the skills of the students towards the manufacturing and constructions industries, and also towards the jobs in human resources, business, health services and natural sciences, etc… The vocational training in the secondary level and in the post-secondary level differ in their quality and standard of their training programs.

Opportunities of Vocational Training

There are numerous opportunities available through the Vocational Training in India and there are also multiple options available to the students to gain these opportunities, such as:


It is an alternative program available most common in the technical vocational training programs. Such programs would be offered in the high skilled construction and manufacturing jobs. The apprenticeship kind of programs combine both the ‘on- the- job’ training and the classroom instructions. The candidates who are undergoing such programs would be called as apprentices and they would also get paid, while they are on job. Such programs would be conducted for more than 5 years, however, the same program could also be completed within a year, in some cases within a week too. Thus, it entirely depends on the type of course, you choose and the type of training program would also play a role in deciding on the program duration. There are approximately, 29, 000 apprenticeship programs are practiced around the world at present.

On-the-Job Training

Such programs are sponsored by the employers and would be conducted, either at the premises of the organization, or at any vocational training institutions. If the organization conducts the program, then they would assign a senior employee/worker to teach and train the participating employees. The participating employees, not necessarily should belong to the ‘new comers’ list. There could also be employees who would like to enhance their skills in a particular job cadre, besides the mandatory employees who have newly joined the organization. Many organizations provide vocational training to their employees, regarding the basic employment skills, such as computer skills, training on effective collaboration in a team, and human resource training, etc… The companies are offering their employees, either partial, or entire reimbursement of their tuition fees with regards to their vocational training. Such vocational training have made the both the organization and employees to realize the significance of skilled labor force. It in turn benefits both of them, i.e. the organizations get skilled labor force and the employees get trained towards various higher grades in their career.

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