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Vocational Courses Training in India

The trainees of Vocational Education and Training typically undergo internship programs in the actual industry, thereby enhancing their skills to the specific industry. The recent years saw big names in automotive, semi-conductor, mobile phones and hardware industry setting their shops in India. One of the key aspects of attracting these big names can be attributed to the availability of the skilled workers to the specific industries.

With no doubt India was able to capitalize the foreign investments, as we have a talent pool with specific skills that is decentralized within the country. The Vocational Education and Training programs play a big part in shaping up the skilled technicians required by the companies. The Vocational Education and Training program falls under the charge of the Ministry of the Human Resources Development (MHRD); this clearly signifies the importance of the course.

These studies have certainly reinforced the fact that in a country like India, where there is a larger section of people in the underprivileged category, can indeed be uplifted when they are empowered with useful skills.

The Vocational Education and Training courses really help people in upgrading their skills, as per the career demands. So what are the Vocational Education and Training courses all about? What are their requirements? How long is the course duration? There are polytechnic institutions offering diploma courses in the selected fields. There are many versatile programs, offered under this category, which comprises, programs administered under the craftsmen training scheme (CTS) are operated by Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and Industrial Training Centers (ITCs). Many certificate courses are available under this category of education; some of them are listed as below:

The courses are open to students, who have completed schooling grades 8-12. Some of the polytechnic courses require you to farewell in their entrance exams. One year, two year diploma courses are also available; this bears greater significance in getting job opportunities.

There are also programs that are being offered to people, who are already employed in the market. It is quite common that technologytechniques used in the industry could be outdated and in order to keep pace with the changing needs, one can opt for part-time or evening courses that will enhance one’s skills. There are no prerequisites for anyone to acquire vocational training. Another important aspect of the Vocational Education and Training in Delhi, India is that it helps to empower women. By acquiring such practical training and gaining industry experience, while studying the courses instill confidence and increase the earning potential of individuals in the country. It is also widely agreed that we could do a much better job of expanding the availability and quality of courses across the country.

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