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Variety is the spice of life and one such good variety for kids could be puzzles, which is an excellent combo of both knowledge and fun.

The puzzles are excellent repository of knowledge. Instead of practicing the habits of toys, parents can encourage the kids to play puzzles, brain teasers and other mind games. Probably, the mind games would be a big target for the kids, but the puzzles would be a simple and powerful method of knowledge reference, besides fun. But, it would be fun for kids, only if the right types of puzzles are chosen, according to the kid’s age and maturity level. It is always better, not to push complicated stuffs into the kids’ minds. Hence, the puzzles should focus in making the thoughts to flow, rather getting stagnated. The benefits of some significant puzzles are portrayed here:

Sudoku puzzles

These puzzles, certainly increases the thinking capacity and problem solving ability of the kids. These activities could be done, either at home, or at classrooms. Nowadays, there are even ‘Travel Sudoku’ that are meant for using during travel. These travel Sudoku’s have a strong pad at the bottom, which makes it easier for the kids to solve the problems. But, one thing has to be kept in mind, which is the complex level of the problems. The parents have to make sure that the Sudoku puzzles are of simple type and at easy level, because if the kids are provided with complex puzzles and they would become frustrated easily, if they couldn’t solve it and this might disturb their minds. Basically, the objective of such activities should be to encourage their mind power and thereby should motivate them to think more creatively!

Word Search puzzles

These kinds of puzzles would provide a grid full of words and demand the kids to search for words. In fact, these puzzles are good exercises for brain, as it makes the mind to think. It even improves the logical reasoning skills, as it involves the logics of relating the words provided in the puzzle to the known words, which a kid might knew already. It also enhances the decision making skills, because finally the kid has to finalize with one word. This practice would in turn lead to develop good memory and it also improves the vocabulary skills of the kids.

Logic puzzles

These form a category of brain power games. Different types of logic puzzles are available and they differ in their complexities, according to the ages of the children. For kids, logic puzzles involving colors, figures, shapes, animals, etc… could be really interesting and would in turn motivate the kids to get involved in the game. Even riddles, jigsaw puzzles are good brain exercises, which in turn makes the kids to think about logics of shapes, words and in turn improves the analytical skills of the kids. In riddles, they have to think about the logic behind the sentences. This will definitely interest them, as they would imply so many references for a riddle and hence, they would end up analyzing about so many things in the world. This enhances their world knowledge. There are many simple ‘Math’ logic puzzles, involving simple additions and subtractions. I would say, the parents could start with this and could gradually increase the complex level in accordance with their kid’s ages.

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