CBSE Result

CBSE Result 2012

A student life is lined up with opportunities but these are attained only if he/ she goes through fire test and clears all the hurdles. They are judged by various methods but the most effective way to know and bring out their caliber is the examination system. CBSE exams also apply this guideline and as the exams approach, students get very strict towards their studying habits and they work hard cutting down those leisure activities. After the exams are over, though students do resume their leisure activities, a constant fear and anxiety of about the results remains at the back of their mind.

Results are the way of assessing the students’ capability and how they have fared in examinations. When the results are about to be announced, some students go to the cyber café and those who have internet at their home, they just keep checking it and when they finally get to know their performance record,  they are either very happy or get depressed. The CBSE results have been the judging parameter of students.

CBSE results have now introduced a new style of declaring results.

Of late, CBSE has even initiated a new style of marking wherein the numbers have turned to grades. In other words, the grading system has replaced the marking scheme that has been ruling the CBSE results. In the past, the competition of percentage was the students’ issue of concern as it was the deciding factor of which stream they can opt for. Though, this grade system may have succeeded the previous marking scheme but these grades are decided on the basis of how much marks the student has obtained.

There are many student help lines that help in counseling the students during results. The aim of these counseling help lines is to give the students positive advice and help them overcome CBSE results’ trauma and almost any situation.

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