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CBSE, the premier educational board of India educates students with quality learning with its integrated and interactive tools. As the world is fast paced, CBSE is catching up the speed and is enhancing the style. CBSE forum is the latest innovation of CBSE. Here people get to know each other.

CBSE Forum created by is by is a platform for the students. In this online community, students can ask their queries online from their teachers and peers. Moreover, parents can join this forum as they can discuss about the issues concerning their children.

Significance of CBSE Forum

CBSE forums are the best source of knowledge for every student studying the CBSE curriculum. Students get their problems resolved and parents get informed about their child. Parents can discuss other problems with teachers. The forum is an initiative of CBSE to connect students, teachers and parents from all walks of life.

Types of CBSE Forums

Like every forum this CBSE forum adheres by some rules and regulations. People should always read the rules before posting comments else they might find themselves in soup.

There are over 5,247 members in CBSE forum. There is a section for suggestions where members can give a feedback and they can suggest how this forum can be improved.

CBSE is keeping very relevant and updated so that it can widen its scope. With the introduction of Forum, education has become interactive and fun. It has made it easy for students to study as they can discuss their problems online and what can be better way when everything is going online.

The Forum is certainly a kind of online social gathering of so many students, teachers and parents. It brings them together.

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